DHG Hydro - Harvesting the power of nature to light our homes.

Welcome to DHG Hydro

DHG Hydro Ltd (formerly Dulas Hydro Generation Ltd) is a medium sized employee-owned and managed company that develops, builds, operates and owns hydro electric schemes in Scotland and Wales.

We have three schemes operating in Wales and eight in Scotland with a number of further schemes under active development. DHG Hydro has one of the largest UK portfolios of hydro electric plants in operation or under development, outside of the major utility sector.

The company and team have a wide variety of skills with an extensive track record in development, construction, finance and operation of hydro electric plants, developed to the highest standards. We work with landowners, statutory bodies, ecologists and industry professionals to build sensitive, well-designed schemes to provide renewable electricity for years to come.

We have been operating for over 15 years in the hydro power sector.

Please contact us for further information about our activities.

DHG Hydro is a member of the British Hydropower Association

VAT Number 815 3019 57       Company Number 03832634