DHG Hydro - Harvesting the power of nature to light our homes.
DHG Hydro is a member of the British Hydropower Association

About Us

DHG Hydro is a management-owned hydro electric plant developer, owner and operator. We primarily develop and own projects in the 100kW to 2MW range. We only develop projects that we then go on to construct, own and operate; this means we always have an eye on costs, performance, financial returns and durability of the project and are therefore a good long term partner - we do not develop projects for third parties or undertake consultancy work.

DHG Hydro always maintains a majority ownership in projects it develops. We are happy to work with landowners and fund all or part of the costs to take a project from development through to construction.

Our company is very well capitalised, has stable long-term ownership and is profitable with access to finance to build or acquire further projects in the United Kingdom.

If you would like to talk to any of our Directors about your project we would be keen to hear from you.